Vintage Bob Paquette in his main gallery

Sylvia writes:

So how the heck did we come to own a museum? well it started with us being contracted to write a book about microphones.

Okay, so I might be an expert, my own collection over 500 strong. During the research for the book I visited The Paquette Microphone Museum and met Bob Paquette and his son. I spent several hours with Bob, and he told me stories of the microphones he had collected.

I swore to come back with a good camera to document the collection for the book. Unfortunately Bob passed away before that could happen. Bob’s family asked if I would know someone who would buy the collection.

I called all the usual suspects, telling them about the incredible opportunity, but there were no takers. Then I started a non-profit to try to raise funds to purchase the collection.

Then Chris stepped in, deciding he’d better just go take a look. Upon stepping into the main microphone gallery, Chris instantly began negotiations which continued right up to the last minute as the truck cargo doors were shut, and the mic museum was packed for the journey.

But before he could set out on his trek to the west coast, a historic blizzard hammered down on the mid-west, stranding the truckload of precious vintage microphones for days. Eventually Chris arrived with the big rental truck followed days later by the second container.

It was a massive haul of antique radio, film equipment, transmitters, recorders of every type, military gear from the Signal Corps, a huge library of technical books, manuals, periodicals, and over 2200 microphones.

Our number one goal is to keep the microphone collection together. There is no other collection like it and it’s important. If it ever comes apart it will never be put back together.