Sylvia breaks barriers, both sonic, artistic and otherwise. She immediately recognizes what a piece of music offers and intuitively knows how to make it better. She’s the legendary Producer and respected Engineer, but she’s also simply a fan. Her wide perspective cuts to the essence and allows her to consistently deliver the goods.
In her sessions, Sylvia creates the excitement and sense of possibility that changes lives. Her thirst for unusual techniques is remarkable, but it’s the vibe of the session itself that is infused into all her recordings. It’s the secret ingredient, and it’s available in only one place.

Sylvia’s philosophy for making great records starts and ends with having fun. Her strategy is to build extra time into each project to allow for experimentation. That is where the magic really happens. Like the photo below of Sylvia recording singer / songwriter Sarah Brendel a half-mile underground in an abandoned salt mine in Germany. Are you ready?