Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Console 24 x 8
Looptrotter modular console – 16 x 8 x 2
WEM Audiomaster mixer – 16 channel
RCA broadcast console
Western Electric broadcast console
Dynacord Eminent 600
Vintage broadcast amps and mixers made by: Gates, Collins, Operadio, Western Electric, RCA, Webster, Remler, Brush, B&K, RFT
Focusrite ISA One
Telefunken U47 tube mic
Telefunken M-80
Neumann-Gefell UM-57 tube mics (2)
Neumann-Gefell UMV692 (2)
Neumann Gefell PM 750 (2)
Royer 122 ribbons (2)
Royer 121 ribbon
Soyuz SU-017 tube mic
Soyuz SU-011 tube mic
Mojave Audio MA-200 tube (2)
Mojave Audio MA-100 tube (3)
Mojave Audio MA-101 fet (2)
Aston Origin
Aston Spirit
Slate VMS-1 virtual mic
Miktek C1
Miktek C5
Audio-Technica 240 XL
AKG C414 (2)
AKG D112E (2)
Blue Mouse
Blue Hummingbirds (2)
EV 666
EV-638 (2)
EV-C76 Verted
EV-RE-20 (2)
Sennheiser MD21
Sennheiser MD421 (10)
Sennheiser MD441
Sennheiser E608 (2)
Shure Beta 181 (2)
Shure KSM 32 (2)
Shure KSM 44 (2)
Shure KSM 137 (4)
Shure Beta 91
Shure 340
Shure 57 (7)
Shure 708A
Shure 710A
Shure 777 (2)
Shure Beta SM-98 (5)
Shure 51 (2)
Shure SM-58 (3)
Shure SM-7 (4)
Shure SM-81 (2)
Shure 55-S (2)
Neve 8038 Console with Flying Faders – 34 x 24 – 58 Automated Channels
Looptrotter Console – 16 x 8 x 2
WEM Audiomaster Mixer – 16 channel
RCA Broadcast Console
Audiogram Broadcast Console
Neve 8038 Console with Flying Faders – 34 x 24 – 58 Automated Channels
Looptrotter Console – 16 x 8 x 2
WEM Audiomaster Mixer – 16 channel
RCA Broadcast Console
Audiogram Broadcast Console
Genelec 9.1.4 fully integrated digital monitors
Genelec W371 woofer stands
Genelec Subs
Genelec elevated monitors
Furman 8-channel headphone system
Apple AirPod Pro headphones
BLUE Mix-Fi headphones
Beyerdynamic DT-770
Yamaha PA system monitors
ProTools HDX Mix System
ProTools HD Recording System
Slate Digital Raven MTi2
Studer A80 1/4″ Tape Recorders w/Crystal Electronics (2)
Dangerous Music Convert-2
Dangerous Music Convert-8
UA 175b compressors (2)
Gates Sta-Level compressors (2)
Retro Sta-Level compressor
Urie LA-3A compressors(2)
Urie 1176 compressor
Looptrotter Monster stereo compressor
Looptrotter Emperor stereo limiter
Empirical Labs Distressor EL-8 compressor
Western Electric RA1217 “Army Man” compressor
GML 8200 stereo EQ
Sontec stereo EQ
Aengus EQs (4)
Iron Age EQs (2)
APSI EQs (3)
Maag 500 pre
Maag EQ3 (4)
Maag EQ4 (4)
Crystal EQs (8)
Overstayer Saturator NT-02A
Phoenix Audio tilt EQs (2)
Black Lion Audio pres (2)
Warm Audio 500 EQs (4)
Looptrotter Emperor 500 (2)
Looptrotter Saturator 500 (2)
DBX 160X compressor
DBX 120X-DS subharmonic synth (1)
Warm Audio mic pres (6)
Gretsch White Falcon guitar
Gretsch Broadcaster guitar
Gretsch Anniversary – puke green 1995
Fender Strat “Camille” orange 1979
Fender Strat gold 1964
Fender12-string acoustic guitar 1965
Gibson SG w/Bigsby 1973
Ampeg scroll-top bass 1965
Warwick Corvette 5-string bass 2005
Fender Jazz Bass sparkle 1995
National Triolian resonator guitar 1925
Guild 12-string guitar 1995
Martin HD28 acoustic 2002
Schecter 5-string bari gtr 2000
Cebu guitar
Cello Knilling Brand
East German Violin
Cello student model
Danelectro 12-string teardrop gtr
Samick mandolin
German mandolin
Banjo – Johnson
Wizard guitar amp
Darkglass Microtubes bass amp
1969 Ampeg SVT bass amp (Stones)
70’s Ampeg SVT bass amp
60’s Ampeg 8×10 bass cab
90’s Ampeg 8×10 bass cab
60’s Marshall 4×12 slant cab
Marshall JCM 2000 TSL amp
Marshall JCM800 amp
Matchless DC-30 combo amp
Rivera Knucklehead Tre’ amp
Roland JC-120 combo amp
Fathead combo amp (predecessor to Bullhead)
Mesa 4×10 bass cab
Mesa 4×12 slant cab
Mesa 4×12 straight cab
Mesa Boogie amp – Triple Rec Solo
Krank bass head
Krank bass 8×10 cab
Laney Klipp amp
Acoustic Tuned Tube amp TTG combo amp
Airline Model #G2-9022A combo amp
Emery amp
Emery 2×12 cab
Fender 60’s blackface Champ combo amp
Gibson GA-6 combo amp
GK bass amp R13 200
Guya-tone GA-2405 combo amp
Kay combo amp
Maestro Danelectro Combo
Magnatone Hawaiian combo amp
Piggy combo amp – Model PS-SOAD
Randall head
Tone Tubby cab
Warwick amp and cab