You’ll Know This Recording:

The Oddio Shop’s founder is Sylvia Massy, who recorded and mixed this song with Johnny Cash, Rick Rubin and Tom Petty using much of the vintage equipment in this room. From Johnny’s Grammy winning “Unchained” LP.

The Oddio Shop is an artfully chaotic, highly technical recording and mixing studio in a breathtaking museum setting. Outfitted with the the newest most extreme digital interface and a constellation of top-grade multi-channel monitors, the mix system is ready for new-generation 3D mixing as well as the best and most powerful stereo mixes. The well-appointed studio also has a private tracking room for in-house productions, set up “Motown” style for session players. The Oddio Shop boasts of new and vintage analog equipment by Rupert Neve, Maag, Aengus, Universal Audio, GML and a mic locker that includes the LARGEST COLLECTION OF MICROPHONES IN THE WORLD.

We mix in the air. We want to feel the power and the rumble and the sweetness of the strings and cymbals. Ghosty reverb shadows as they trail off. We get off on this stuff. Mixing music is an art. We mix immersive, we mix front wall, we mix mono upside-down if ya want to. We love it and you will too.