Atmos – Spatial – 3D – Immersive – 360 Sound

Immersive sound is a great advance in the technology of listening to music, and Dolby Atmos immersive mixes are now being streamed on Apple Spatial Music and Tidal. There are few multi-speaker rooms available for this new medium and few mixers who can integrate the new technology into their workflow. Sylvia and the team took 2 years to meet and train with Dolby and assemble the equipment for the room build. Our studio now has the ability to mix music in a 3-dimensional sphere with sounds being objects within the sphere. That is the basis for Dolby’s “Atmos” rendering platform, the most popular of all the immersive mixing systems. The Oddio Shop has built an outrageous Genelec monitoring system specifically for Dolby Atmos music mixing with 17 powered speakers all linked through an AES digital distribution system. The mixes are unbelievably rich and immersive in the room and unbelievably high, wide and deep listening in headphones. Besides being an incredible listening experience, having Atmos versions of your previously released music makes sense because you DOUBLE YOUR CATALOG the instant you upload it to streaming platforms. A whole other income stream for younger listeners drawn to the immersive sounds in gaming and in film.

Take a look at the Dolby Atmos monitoring system at the Oddio Shop. The 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos mix system has L-C-R in front, a pair of wides, a pair of sides, a pair of backs, four elevated speakers, two subwoofers and a pair of Genelec W371 woofer stands for extending low end in the front wall, all cabled with German-made Cordial cable.

We can thank modern gaming for opening the world to immersive music. Apple Music and Tidal offer “spatial” and “Immersive” songs on their streaming platforms. So, here’s where we are at. A wary public, not wanting to have to rebuild their music libraries while seeing the failure of other multi-channel systems (quad, 5.1), the beauty of the Dolby Atmos mixes is that they will play on any configuration of speakers, so if you like stereo and dammit you’re not gonna change, you can still listen to the same immersive mix in stereo. Ba-boom.

The Oddio Shop speaker system is set for both immersive and stereo mixing. You will not find a better mix room for the artist that enjoys vintage audio but wants cutting edge technology. A perfect marriage.

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