Sylvia’s Oddio Shop is the creation of Sylvia Massy and Chris Johnson, a couple with a passion for the history and beauty of vintage microphones. In 2019 they acquired the Bob Paquette Microphone Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and added it to their existing collection at Unhinged Industries LLC. It’s now the world’s largest vintage microphone collection, and one with a specific focus on the history and development of the microphone. The collection includes some of the oldest and rarest pieces known, such as the original prototypes for iconic RCA microphones.

The Paquette purchase included rare vintage audio items and early broadcast equipment. You’ll see many of those items for sale here along with duplicate mic specimens from the museum. You’ll also see many instruments and memorabilia items from Sylvia’s long career as a music producer.

Tracking Stardragon at Abbey Road

Recording in the Yukon with Driftwood Holly. Photo by Sara.

Recording a pipe organ in a cathedral with Avatar in Gothenburg.

Capitol Studios B with Marshall Barkman, Stephen Perkins, Chris Chaney and Nick Maybury.
Pensado Awards!!!!

Far From Alaska with Ivan Handwerk.
Sylvia and her far-out WEM console.