It has been said that “You will find what you are looking for, your actions are your prayers.” Those simple words describe the secret to a great life.

I’ve lived endless adventures, including lots of interesting jobs in unusual places. I eventually settled into a traditional business lifestyle, but couldn’t find real meaning in it. So I gave that life back and moved West to pursue bigger things. I didn’t think I’d fall backwards into Sylvia’s subterranean world of music production and art as part of my journey, yet here I am. And it makes sense. I found what I was looking for.

The goal is still to live art as a 24/7 lifestyle. And to leave a legacy that persists. I’m happy to report great success in both areas.

Despite my enduring commitment to the creative arts, I still have a business to run here.

I answer my phone and do the best I can with the river of email. Hit me! Let’s start the conversation.