$1200 per day (typically time for one song)
You get the best equipment, the best ears and the most creative minds for Dolby Atmos music mixing 9.1.4 multi-channel immersive. Delivering headphone ready reference files and ADM files for uploading to music platforms.

$1200 per day (typically time for one song)
We use your stereo mix stem files to generate a 3D mix using Dolby Atmos and Oddio Shop’s 9.1.4 immersive monitoring system. By using our monumental Genelec in-the-air monitoring, we can more accurately maintain the power of the original stereo mix. We provide reference files ready for headphone monitoring and digital ADM masters to upload to the on-line streaming services (Apple Music, Tidal, etc.).

$1200 per day (typically time for one song)
Rich and powerful front wall mixing using Dangerous Mix-Master Complete analog summing system for hot and clear stereo mixes.

Flat rate mixes includes two revisions with phone or Skype discussions. Or have Sylvia work at her daily rate, and get into the mixing minutia.

Client attended mixes may incur additional costs. Stems printed by request at an additional charge. Sylvia’s session files for the mix available upon request at no charge.

Discounts for multiple-song album mixes. Combination stereo/3D album mix discounts available.

Contact Chris Johnson: +1 541-301-8695 [email protected]