Shure SM18B-50 Microphone Low Profile DISCOUNT Vintage Original 80s


Shure SM18B-50 low profile microphone for board meetings, unusual studio applications, etc. Typically the mic rests inside a foam footing, but the foam is missing. A small bit of foam windscreen on the surface of the mic has also crumbled away. I believe it could be cleaned up easily. Vintage 80s-era dynamic mic has been tested and works great. Cabling with an XLR connector included in its vinyl case.
I love microphones and hope you do too. These mics are surplus from the Paquette Museum, the world’s largest vintage microphone collection. Take a look at other items in my eBay shop. Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I will be posting many items over the next few months so keep checking back.
Price is for mic as-is.  I use USPS for domestic shipping. I do not ship internationally at this time.

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