Trident 65/75 Recording Console 80s Vintage British Sound 26 Channels 24 Monitor/Bus New Master Channel & Power Supply Works Like A CHAMP!


Here is a workhorse analog console by Trident called the 65/75. 27 channels of mic/line inputs, with 24 line-in monitor channels, all accessible through the patch bay. More than 50 channels for mixdown and room for additional channels. Mic pres sound great, are super quiet. Power supply is brand new. Stereo master channel rebuilt and sounding fantastic. Frame rebuilt with extra bracing. There are four VU meters that need to be replaced but do not effect the usability of the console. This console is ready to go and is fantastic for a serious producer or engineer who wants to track like a real studio and do hybrid mixing through analog circuitry. You will love this desk!

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