RARE SPY WATCH MICROPHONE Minifon Protona Mi-51 Cold War Secret Covert Recording


This covert watch is actually a microphone. The wire would run up your sleeve to a recorder. Made by Minifon during the cold war, this is the Protona Mi-51. The watch does not work, it is not supposed to. Dates from 50s to 60s. SUPER RARE!!!!!! The watch is in good shape, the watch band is worn, the cable has been cut.
I love microphones and hope you do too. This unique mic is from the Paquette Museum, the world’s largest vintage microphone collection. Take a look at other items in my eBay shop. Feel free to contact me with any questions.  I will be posting many items over the next few months so keep checking back.
Price is for mic as-is.  I use USPS for domestic shipping.

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