Gulbransen Digital Hymnal DH-100 Programmable Church Muzak Machine Like New Works Great


For sale is a Gulbransen Digital Hymnal DH-100. This is a special instrument that plays programmed hymns for church services and weddings. It has a tempo adjustment, built in speakers and has a remote and power supply unit. These used units are very hard to find.. and this particular unit is like new. It can also be programmed with a list of these digital instruments:

Sounds: Accordion, acoustic piano, alto sax, B3 organ (slow and fast), bagpipes, banjo, baritone sax, bassoon, brass section, celesta, cello, choir aahs, clarinet, classical guitar, clavichord, contrabass, dulcimer, electric piano, English horn, fretless bass, glockenspiel, harmonica, harp, harpsichord, home organ, honky-tonk piano, jazz guitar, jazz organ, marimba, music box, muted trumpet, oboe, organ variations (18), percussive organ, pipe organ (4), pizzicato strings, poly synth, reed organ, rock organ, soprano sax, string bass, string ensembles, synth brass, synth voice, tango accordion, tenor sax, timpani, tinkle bell, tremolo strings, trombone, trumpet, tuba, tubular bells, vibrapohone, viola, violin, voice oohs, warm pad and xylophone. Plus a wide variety of percussion instruments including: agogo, drum kit, kalimba, koto, shamisen, shanai, sitar, steel drums, taiko and woodblock.

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