Here are a selection of our favorite recent Oddio Shop stereo mixes. Feel free to download them from this page for proper listening on your personal devices. These files are for demonstration purposes only.

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Taylor Hawkins – “I Really Blew It”

From “Take The Money” with the Coat Tail Riders. Featuring Dave Grohl and Perry Farrell. This is Taylor Hawkins at his best.

King Bartlett – “Track 3”

This song is played entirely on toy drum machines and analog toy synths. See how the mix makes it sound huge!

CHAII – “Digibasse”

New Zealander CHAII drops heavy beats and raps in Farsi.

Jason Isbell – “Overseas”

Incredible songwriting is revealed in this mix.

Adrian T. Bell – “Sleeper Agent”

Retro quirky storytelling with tons of ear candy.

Patchy Sanders – “Rye Fiddlestix”

Very special alternative prog-folk song with all acoustic instruments and delicate harmonies.

Faint On Call – “Abilene”

Singer Tobias Hawkins hits this one out of the park.

God Damn “Palm of Sand”

A most disgusting sounding duo from Wolverhampton needs a most disgusting mix, just the way it should be. God Damn.

Carolyn Sills Combo – “Hold Your Horses”

Carolyn and her irresistible cowboy music and the mix gives it an old-timey shit-kickin’ feel.